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Ever said or thought the following. "Why did my child just do that?"

Updated: Jan 21

Has your child ever done something that makes you say something along the lines of "why did you just do that" or "what were you thinking?" Our minivan is red, but it's covered in winter's finest snow spray and road salt combo that have essentially turned parts of it white and gray. Picking up two of our boys from daycare, one of them ran to the car and proceeded to use their body as a dry human squeegee against the vehicle. So now, of course, his coat and pants are now covered in winter's finest offerings. We asked him,"why did you just do that?" His answer was a mind-blowing "because!" So we asked,"what were you thinking?" And to that, "he was helping." Yep! At that moment and through his eyes and life view, he was simply helping by cleaning the car off. In my wife's eyes and life view, he was destroying his coat, pants, and possibly scratching up our vehicle.

In my view, neither of them were wrong. While the situation is a little upsetting, it's still a teachable moment. It's moments like this that we must remember that our young ones are always learning. A simple, "thank you buddy, but you don't want to ruin that coat that you love so much. Let's let mommy and daddy handle cleaning the car off in the future, and you can help us other ways." Sure, we could have yelled or made a scene, but why? In this instance, he was helping, but it simply wasn't the type of help we needed. It's our responsibility to help guide our children to clear thought and understanding. Yelling would simply have shut down or plainly confused his future ideas and mindset of helping. I personally want all of my children to attempt to help and, if needed, be corrected in the how part of the process. So the next time your child does something that makes you say, "why did you just do that" or "what were you thinking?" Take a moment, breath, and ask yourself, is this something that I should be upset about, or is this one of those teachable moments.

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