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Organizing things…it’s apparently important to my wife.

I’ll be honest, I don’t get the whole organize everything movement. More on that in a moment. Wait, it is a movement, isn’t it? It must be, and it’s a movement that my wife is in on. From Pinterest to Facebook groups, I feel that I’ve seen lots of ideas. Sure they look neat, but are they practical with the chaos that our children bring? Some ideas, yes, and others are just a hard no. I'm also not saying not to be organized, just some of the products and ideas that are out in the world are a little extreme at times. Needless to say, if it’s important to her, I make an effort to make it important in my life.

What are the differing points of view?

My side of this whole organization movement. Some things are practical, and some are not and are just downright ridiculous. For me, anything to organize food is fantastic. But do I need to take those stay fresh laundry beads out of the container they come in and into a glass container because it looks clean and cute? No way. Kids and glass, no thanks. That’s like leaving Tide Pods out of a container. Besides, what happens if either of us drops that glass container? I will tell you. A mess of smelly beads mixed with lots of tiny glass particles. Not so practical now, and also theirs the waste of the other container.

Her side of this organization movement. We need these things as they are helpful, cute, and I want them.

I mean, that’s practically a home run opinion if you ask her. So again, it’s important to her, so I will always try to be supportive. In the end, we made some compromises, and we did buy several items that have made a positive difference for our house. Links to a few of those items are below. Now, I won’t say that I can get totally on board with every idea and product that’s out in the world for organizing as some just have me putting my hand on my head and going, “what in the world.” But if you asked my wife, it’s a baby step in the right direction for her overall organizing vision.

What organization products do you recommend that people try? What was the worst product you’ve tried?

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