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Opinion: We need less Helicopter Parents! Period.

This may be an unpopular opinion, especially if you fall into this category, but we need fewer helicopter parents and more children who can function independently. We are raising a generation of children who are utterly dependent on their parents. They can’t do anything without help, and they can’t survive on their own. This is not good for anyone. Children need to be independent, and they need to learn how to solve problems on their own. What do you think, does the helicopter phase need to end?

What is a helicopter parent? A parent that hovers over everything a child does. Sports, school, social circle, jobs, and every other aspect of a child’s life in and outside of the home. Is that you, or do you know someone like that?

We know helicopter parents want what is best for their children, and they honestly feel they are doing the right thing for them. It keeps their child safe and on track, but what happens when they get older. Think college-age years and beyond?

If you are doing this now, ask yourself these two questions. Do I want my 20+ child/children needing me for everything? What happens when I pass away?

Those are tough questions that must be evaluated. Essentially, when your child/children are older, it’s your time to watch them flourish in life and know that you prepared them to take flight. That they can overcome any obstacle. That, if they choose, they have children of their own. It honestly can be compared to the bird leaving the nest. Do they fly, do they fall? If they always need you, will they survive when you are no longer around?

Can an argument be made pro-helicopter? Sure, someone can and will likely make it, but the above is food for thought. What’s your experience? Do helicoptered children turn out better? Do you feel we need less of it? Be nice to those with differing opinions, but let the discussion begin, and don’t forget to share and like!

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