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Married Couples - Date Each Other Like You Did in the Early Days!

If you're like most married couples, you probably don't spend as much time together as you did when you were first dating. Life gets in the way, and before you know it, months have gone by without any quality time together. This can be a significant problem for your relationship! Date each other like you did in the early days, and see how things improve. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for doing just that!

Who should plan dates? The answer is that both of you are responsible for initiating dates. You both must make an effort to date each other. This means setting aside time specifically for each other and not just waiting for the other person to make plans. If one of you always waits for the other person to make a move, things will never get started. Be proactive, and take the lead!

Make it a priority! Date nights should be a priority in your relationship. They shouldn't be something that you only do when you have extra time or when there's nothing else going on. You need to schedule them into your calendar just like any other appointment and then stick to them! That way, you know that you're both making time for each other every week.

Plan different types of dates. Don't just fall into a routine of going to the same restaurants or watching the same movies every time you go out. Try something new! This will help keep things exciting and prevent your dates from becoming stale. Plus, it allows you to explore new activities together.

Talk about your dates. Yes, even you guys! After each date, take a few minutes to talk about what you did and how you felt. This is a great way to bond and stay connected emotionally. It's also an excellent way to find out if there's anything else either of you would like to do on future dates.

Can't go out? Find a sitter or family member that can watch your child/children at their house and have a romantic night at home. Forget the mess and everything that likely needs to be done. Focus on each other, stay in the moment, and put your phones away.

Go on adults-only trips. Look, I love a vacation with our four children as each trip is memorable. That being said, adult-only trips just hit differently. Have you ever done Disney as an adults-only trip? If not, you are missing a fantastic side of Disney that you need to discover. Gatlinburg cabin? Yes, please! Trip to Mexico, Jamaica, or say Vegas? You bet! Even a weekend getaway will do. Go to a hotel, get alone, and be with one another.

Why? Why date? Why go on adult-only trips? Simple! Once the kids are gone, and it's just you and your spouse, are you still going to love one another? You see, we all get busy with life, children, work, and our personal interests. It's easy to assume that the answer is yes. However, look at how many parents split after the last kid leaves the nest. It's honestly astonishing. Don't assume that love will remain, as you may just end up seeing and treating each other as roommates over time.

Date each other like you did in the early days, and see how things improve. Don't wait. Pick an upcoming night or weekend and make the first move. If it's important to you, talk with your partner and be clear that you need to make this a priority as a couple going forward. It's your marriage, and you have an equal responsibility to make it work long-term, even if your other half is lacking in the romance category for now.

So go and get your date on! If you have any tips that you want to share with others, please do!

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